Monica Sarmiento, M.A.


Monica Sarmiento bio image

Monica Sarmiento, M.A., is a director at L&M. She has over 15 years of experience in the areas of project management, health care research, and monitoring and compliance activities. Ms. Sarmiento has developed and translated materials into Spanish for various target audiences and has conducted in-depth cognitive and usability interviews and research with dyads and focus groups of consumers, Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers, health care providers, and other professionals in both English and Spanish.

Ms. Sarmiento collaborates with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in several tasks aimed at improving Medicare beneficiaries’ understanding of health plan quality and choice. She has led consumer research activities with Spanish-speaking beneficiaries to assist CMS in evaluating and improving the Spanish version of its Medicare Plan Finder tool; and contributed to CMS projects related to public reporting of health care quality information on the homepage, Dialysis Compare, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities Compare, and Hospital Compare webtools. For the Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative, Ms. Sarmiento led consumer research with Spanish-speaking dual eligible beneficiaries and their caregivers to gauge understanding and ease of use of forms and notices about enrollment options. Ms. Sarmiento is currently managing L&M’s multi-year project of supporting the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Registry of Patient Registries. She recently completed work as the project manager and key staff for a CMS effort to assess Part D plans’ websites’ adherence to the Medicare Marketing Guidelines. Ms. Sarmiento led efforts to develop and implement a review methodology and an analysis plan to guide the monitoring and assessment of the websites. Prior to joining L&M, Ms. Sarmiento spent several years working in health policy consulting focused on federal health programs.

Ms. Sarmiento is fluent in Spanish and holds an M.A. in applied sociology from American University.